Gedenryd, How Designers Work

How Designers Work: Making Sense of Authentic Cognitive Activity

Henrik Gedenryd’s 1998 PhD Thesis from Lund University.
One of the most valuable pieces of work on designing that I have encountered, and a good source for other key texts. Unfortunately Gedenryd died after completing this work, a very sad loss and I wonder where he might have taken his knowledge if he had lived.

Thesis Contents and Downloads (10 .pdf files)

Title page, Contents and Acknowledgements

0. Introduction

1. The Master Plan

2. The Failure of Design methods

3. Design & Cognition as Inquiry

4. The Cognitive Roles of Action and the World

5. Interactive Cognition

6. Making the World a Part of Cognition

7. Intermission (Conclusions)


Here’s a link to the location at where this is stored, unfortunately it’s a bit disorganised as does not help to distinguish between the different files in a publication so my chapter list above is the best way in.

2 Responses to “Gedenryd, How Designers Work”

  1. Sif Says:

    Very nice webpage and helpful for Design students:)

  2. Peter Dalsgaard Says:

    I stumbled upon Gedenryd’s dissertation back when I was doing my own PhD. It is a great read, well written and with a very coherent line of argument. I started looking for his work and then discovered that he had died shortly after completing this, and I share your sentiment – I’m sure that he could have enriched the field of design further.

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