Whiteley, An Articulated Skeletal Analogy

An Articulated Skeletal Analogy of the Human Upper Limb

Graham Whiteley’s PhD Thesis from Sheffield Hallam University, 2000

This was the first practice-led design PhD at Sheffield Hallam University. Graham Whiteley is an very talented 3-D designer who set out to create an entirely new set of principles for the construction of artificial arms for robotics or prostheses. This work led directly in to my own interest in tacit knowledge and the ideas which I have subsequently published on design inquiry.

Full Thesis downloadable in 10 .pdf files archived at archive.org (see below for links)

0. Abstract, Contents etc

1. Introduction

2. Methods

3. IP Joints

4. MCP Joints

5. Forearm

6. Elbow

7. Wrist

8. Conclusions

9. Bibliography

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