Kingcraft Lifestyle Bath Prototype

A life-enhancing bath for people with profound disabilities


For 3-4 years Marcus Crossley and I worked on a series of design jobs for Kingkraft, a small manufacturer in the Sheffield area. Initially we worked as consultants but then moved on to setting up a Teaching Company Scheme with Marcus working within Kingkraft, but employed by the university, as a Teaching Company Associate and me as his university-based supervisor.

This design was the most progressive piece of work we did in that period. It has now gone into production with some technical modifications to ensure reliable operation but the appearance has maybe slipped from the standard I achieved (Marcus did most of the hard work but I drew all the important lines :o).

We might have kept the visual quality you can see in these photos if I had been around to help but I’m not blaming anybody for that.

Marcus has had a great success with Kingkraft and has gone on to become technical director.



RUST, C. CROSSLEY, M. (2003) The “Lifestyle” Accessible Bath for People with Profound Disabilities Kingkraft Ltd Product Design prototype

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