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Showing Your Stuff

5 November 2009

The importance of revealing your practices in “practice-led” research

Originally posted to the PhD-Design email discussion list on 20 November 2008

whiteley joint

image from Graham Whiteley’s PhD thesis

David Balkwill’s comments (in a previous message to PhD-Design) about students missing the point of their task, which is designing not drawing, is very relevant to research and doctoral studies. One of the key issues to be resolved in any “practice-led” project is how the quality and validity of the methods are to be made clear (more…)

Drawing as Modelling (1998)

31 December 1998

RUST, C. WHITELEY, G. (1998) Analogy, Complexity and Holism – Drawing as 3-D Modelling POINT Art and Design Research Journal, No 6 Autumn/Winter 1998

Analogy, Complexity and Holism – Drawing as 3-D Modelling

One of several papers written to deal with different aspects of Graham Whiteley’s doctoral research in the wider perspective of practice-led research. Other papers dealt with physical modelling, design principles, tacit knowledge, relevance to the natural sciences and the process of creating a visual thesis.

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